Crime has dropped by about 11%, and efficiency has increased by 4% this year, says Spasovski


In an interview with Kanal 5 TV, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, asked on how the ministry deals with crime in the country, emphasized that this is the basis of the work of the Ministry of the Interior in relation to every challenge from the security sphere.

“In that part, we have set strategic priorities that we are working on and want to realize. If we look back over the years, and the statistics are a measure of what has been done, you will see that the largest percentage of what we have set as our strategic goal has been realized, due to the fact that from year to year we have a serious reduction in crime and an increase in the efficiency of the police. It is the key measure of success. For these 8 months of 2023, crime has decreased by almost 11% since last year, for the same period, and there is a 4% increase in efficiency. So, last year were the best results from 1990 until today, and the tendency this year shows that they will be even better,” said Minister Spasovski.

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