Nikoloski: VMRO-DPMNE will beat the government in both presidential and general elections – if they separate them, SDSM it will have a problem finding 20 people for the lists


VMRO-DPMNE will win more than 61 MPs, but if it is a question of the current representatives of the government, they are thinking about engineering every day. We have an unnatural situation in which the most logical thing in Macedonia is a matter of political debate. The most logical thing is to have parliamentary and presidential elections together, because the deadlines for both elections are less than two months apart, and there is no logic in a country with an economic performance like Macedonia for you to spend money twice. This is now the main thinking of the current government in collapse, how to hold elections with a difference of a month and a half, and they will lose both, but we will annoy the people that Macedonia will be in a campaign for 5 months, VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski on told Radio Leader.
The opposition official pointed out that VMRO-DPMNE is convincingly ahead of the government and regardless of when and how the elections will be held, the ruling parties will be “trampled”.

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