Macedonia is required to meet certain criteria and obligations that were not previously requested by other EU member states, says opposition


At the VMRO-DPMNE debate in Kochani dedicated to EU integration and constitutional amendments within the “It’s important! Changes depend on you!” campaign, university professor Aleksandar Spasenovski emphasized that “the reality we live in speaks of the unique situation in which the country, the Republic of Macedonia, is in many ways unique when it comes to integration into the European Union and in general when it comes to in relation to everything it has done in the past to ensure its democratic development”.

“As we can see, unfortunately, it is the subject of both research and examples in textbooks, it was very often required from us, and unfortunately even today, the fulfillment of criteria, the completion of certain tasks, the realization of certain obligations which are not part of the basic obligations that were set before other member states of the European Union and that, unfortunately, is a sad reality in which we live and which we constantly repeat. In that sense, I think that this, which is now a topic before our country, is not at all good, it is not at all usual and it is something that, indeed, can have serious consequences for the country itself,” Professor Spasenovski pointed out.

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