The increased tax on luxury products turned into a higher tax on basic products, they emptied the budget by stealing, now they are taking from the people


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski during his visit to Veles within the campaign “It is important! Changes depend on you” when asked how he would comment on the latest VAT increase for many products, Mickoski stressed that the government is doing this because the government lacks money in the budget, because, as he said, they are spending it on dubious tenders and crime.

“If you remember a few months ago, they communicated to the public that it was about an increased tax on luxury products, so they mentioned shark fins as a synonym, but you saw that this is not the case, it is about basic food products. It is clear that what we said then and now turns out to be true, and that is that they lack money in the budget, and they lack money in the budget because they spend the budget relentlessly on projects for which no nail has been nailed. You know, they spent more than 200 million euros on such a project, but unfortunately we don’t have a single nail nailed in, and that’s why now they need more money for private tenders, for commissions for which they are returning,” said the opposition leader.

Mickoski added that when the government has no funds in the budget, then the only source for more money is the higher taxes that the citizens have to pay.


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