Patients with the rare Wilson’s disease demand timely diagnosis because there is a cure


Patients with the rare Wilson’s disease should be visible, doctors should diagnose the disease in time, because if it is detected in the early stage, with therapy, the patients can have a normal life, requested the “Wilson Macedonia” association at the humanitarian event organized under the motto “Lend a hand” on Sunday.

“We lack the most important method for monitoring the disease, which is of great importance for the success of the treatment, and that is the goal of these actions, to reach the authorities. We also want patients with rare diseases to be visible in the law,” says Maja Aleksievska Dimikj, head of the “Wilson Macedonia” association.

Aleksievska Dimikj says that it is a rare disease, which occurs in one out of 30 thousand cases, the disease is genetically inherited and is transmitted from both parents. If not treated, it is fatal. People with this disease have the disadvantage that they cannot expel copper from the body and it accumulates in the liver, causes problems, manifests itself in many different ways, from liver diseases to neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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