Dačić: Kumanovo in 2015 was not a terrorist act for the EU, but Banjska is, shame on them for talking about it

Mesto: Beograd Datum: 14.01.2019 Dogadjaj: POLITIKA/DIPLOMATIJA - ministar spoljnih poslova Ivica Dačić priredio je novogodišnji prijem za šefove diplomatskih misija i međunarodnih organizacija u Srbiji i direktore i glavne i odgovorne urednike medija Licnosti: Ivica Dačić

Serbia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić said that the double standards, when it comes to Serbia, can be seen in the fact that the attack by a group of Albanians from Kosovo on the Macedonian police in 2015 was not a terrorist act, but the events in Banjska were, and because of that even imposing sanctions on Serbia is demanded.

Dačić told Kosovo Online that he also spoke about this at the ministerial meeting of the heads of diplomacy of the region, as part of the Berlin process, but that his question remained unanswered.

“I was talking about the double standards. Namely, in 2015 I was chairman of the OSCE, and on behalf of the OSCE I spoke with the Macedonian authorities. At that time, eight Macedonian policemen were killed, and a terrorist group from Kosovo, composed of former members of the KLA, was blamed for that,” stressed Dačić.

The Serbian FM pointed out that none of the international representatives, including the European Union, characterized it as a terrorist act, even though eight police officers died. Also, Albania and Kosovo paid tribute to the terrorists in Kumanovo.



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