Poll: Kovachevski loses to Mickoski 4 to 1


Dimitar Kovachevski loses to Hristijan Mickoski four to one, shows the telephone survey conducted on 1,200 respondents by the Market Vision agency from September 18 to 25, and by order of the editorial office of MKD.mk.

12.3% of respondents trust Hristijan Mickoski, 3.5% in Dimitar Kovachevski, 3.1% in Dimitar Apasiev, and 3.7% in Ali Ahmeti.

Compared to the results of the survey in June and February of this year, there is a 12 percent increase in the share of respondents who do not trust any party leader, a slight increase in trust in Hristijan Mickoski by 1% and a significant decrease in trust in Dimitar Kovachevski from 8 .2% in February to 3.5% in September 2023.



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