Kovachevski: This country is set on the right path, the anti-European agenda is an anti-Macedonian agenda, let’s deal with it by making wise decisions


All the progress that has been achieved to date is a reflection of our unyieldingness and freedom of choice. We have an obligation to remain on the European path and focused on European values in the name of everything that has been achieved with Macedonian unyieldingness until today, Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said Wednesday addressing central celebration in front of the Memorial Ossuary in Kumanovo on National Uprising Day October 11.

“On this Macedonian piece of land, the prime minister pointed out, they never ran away from flames, from occupiers, or from decisions. The direction is again that, in the realization of the strategic national and state goals, to remain firm and united, to face the current challenges, moving forward. Going backwards is not our option,” PM Kovachevski said.

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