Pendarovski congratulates National Uprising Day – October 11


Freedom and justice are ideals that drive human history. Driven by these ideals, on October 11, 1941, 16 young fighters from the Prilep partisan detachment “Goce Delchev” attacked the symbols of the fascist occupying government and marked the beginning of the Macedonian people’s liberation and anti-fascist struggle, said Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski in a message on the National Uprising Day October 11, Wednesday.

“With this act, the Macedonian people became part of the great anti-Hitler coalition. Freedom-loving men and women from all ethnic, religious, social and ideological backgrounds united in a broad national liberation front in which they fought and fought for a free Macedonian state in a world freed from the evil of fascism. From the first partisan detachments, all the way to the state-forming ASNOM, young people shared a specific vision for the common good that they built into the foundations of the state. They dreamed of a free, just and solidary society in which each of its members would have a dignified life,” Pendarovski stressed in the message, adding “focused on the common good and the public interest, we will create conditions to keep our young people in their homeland and here to engage in the battles for progress in every field of life”, said the head of state.

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