Macedonia celebrates National Uprising Day under the motto “Unyieldingness and Freedom”


Macedonia on Wednesday celebrates National Uprising Day, under the motto “Unyieldingness and Freedom” marking 82 years since October 11, 1941, when the National Liberation War and the completion of the birth of the Macedonian state began.

The central celebration will be held in front of the Memorial Ossuary in Kumanovo and annual state award “11 October” National Award for 2023 for outstanding achievements in science, art, economy and other areas of public interest to be given at a ceremony in Parliament.

October 11 is considered a continuation of the progressive traditions of the Macedonian freedom-loving people, evident in similar revolts in the 19th and 20th century, but also in efforts made for social and national liberation during the Balkan Wars and the First World War. By deciding to join the anti-fascist coalition, Macedonia stood on the side of progressive humanity fighting against fascism. The people won their own freedom. Starting with the first partisan units, the National Liberation Army of Macedonia by the end of the 4-year war was turned into a well-organized, 110,000-strong army with high-ranking military formations.

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