Kovachevski: The answer was about the topic, not against a journalist or media


The answer was not intended at all to the journalist or to the television, or to any media, because my answers are to the question. I think that Minister Bytyqi acted well and I support him in what he did, said Prime Minister and SDSM leader Dimitar Kovachevski.
Kovachevski replied to a reporter’s question about the situation at yesterday’s press conference in Skopje, when the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Fatmir Bytyqi, left his statements after a journalist asked the Prime Minister “Do they remain of the opinion that there will not be joint general and presidential elections and are they ready as a government, if the elections fail, the entire country will be in the hands of the DUI political party.”
The Prime Minister pointed out that the country is in 38th place in terms of media freedom, as opposed to 120th in the previous period in an 11-year completely undemocratic regime.

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