Mickoski: Kovachevski’s optimism for constitutional changes is playing politics, that way he wants to keep the few remaining in the SDSM headquarters mobilized


They have spent more than 15 months repeating the same thing that there will be no constitutional amendments under Bulgarian dictation, but there will be none in the future. I want to repeat in the future. When VMRO-DPMNE becomes the government, there will be no change in the circumstances, if we do not see any progress because now it is completely in the direction of the Bulgarian demands, there will be no constitutional changes, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, during his visit to Shtip, as part of the “It’s important Changes depend on you”.
According to Mickoski, by still leaving room and being optimistic over securing a two-thirds majority in Parliament the Prime Minister is just playing politics.
“For me, his optimism is playing politics, because in that way he thinks he will keep those few people who have remained in SDSM’s party headquarters mobilized, by pretending the amendments are imminent,” Mickoski said.
The party leader indicated that there are a little more than five months before the official start of the campaign for the presidential elections, so we will see how things will go for the parliamentary elections.
“We remain focused on the offer, on the historical result that will be a follow-up to the result of the local elections, we expect victory in both the presidential a parliamentary elections, we are focused on solving the problems of the citizens,” Mickoski said.

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