Skopje heating season to begin Sunday, price unchanged for now


The heating season in Skopje is set to begin on Sunday, and it will last until April 15, 2024. The price of heating will remain unchanged for now.
“We are witnessing warmer temperatures for this time of year, and the forecasts show the same. However, the heating season is set to begin on October 15, and the supplier is obliged to provide a temperature of 20+1 degrees Celsius in the period between 6am and 10pm. The price remains unchanged, a new decision will be made once the pipes are installed on the Belasica bridge, which will enable a detailed overview of costs,” said the head of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Marko Bislimoski.
The ERC urged all consumers on the regular market, i.e., institutions and households, to continue to use energy rationally, as they did in the previous heating season.

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