Mihajlov: The Government’s decisions are unrealistic, beer has a protected price, and basic food products have been put in luxury ones


Our sector plays a role in the production, import, distribution and retailing of mainly food and beverages, a sector that in recent years has been affected by serious problems, both caught and started by the crises and inflation started to grow upwards, and on top of that, in in the state, decisions were made starting from March 2020, made overnight and out of sync with the current situation in our sector and with the markets in the world, noted businessman Bojan Mihajlov.
Mihajlov added that the government’s wrong decisions led to empty shelves and the absence of basic food products.
“Our sector is directly related to the everyday life of every single family, because according to all analyzes and statistics, as much as 45% of the family budget goes to food and drink expenses. And if we add here the 6.7 and even 8% for hygiene products that are also purchased in our sector, we will come to the fact that even half of the funds are spent by the citizens in our sector,” added Mihajlov.
He pointed out that the anger among the buyers is evident because the prices change every day due to the decisions of the government.
“Decisions are made this afternoon, to be valid starting tomorrow morning, which is realistically unsustainable and impossible to change,” Mihajlov said.

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