The French-German proposal is the best that Kosovo can get, claims Rama


In an interview on the Inside Albania podcast with reporter Alice Taylor, Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama did not rule out the possibility of a meeting between the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia at the summit of the Berlin Process,
which will be held on Monday in Tirana, at a time of high tensions between the parties.
He believes that “Kosovo should insist on the implementation of the French-German proposal, in order to achieve what it aims for: final recognition”.
“The French-German proposal is the best agreement that Kosovo can get, because it is a de facto recognition. It is a tolerant proposition and paves the way for recognition by others. Why don’t they encourage it? Why don’t they insist? Why is Kosovo not the party that asks all of you to make this proposal? In politics and in dealing with something that is in your own interest, it is never a good idea to start digging into the other person’s mind. Is the other person really interested? Does he really want something? Probably not, and if we take away the big powers that are with us and imagine the dialogue only between Serbia and Kosovo, then Serbia probably would not have sat down at the table, but would have done something completely mad,” said Rama.
However, the Albanian PM added, the reality is that “we have strong support to take a big step toward final recognition”.

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