It’s necessary to acquire a government plane, but it’s difficult because the public will consider it a luxury, says Osmani


The Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani in an interview with TV21 spoke about the evacuation of Macedonian nationals from Tel Aviv.
Osmani said that it was necessary for the Government to acquire a plane, but that it was difficult because the public would consider it a luxury.
The FM commented that before the evacuation, the Government had a session where it was decided to provide a charter flight for the evacuation of our citizens from Tel Aviv, but it was very difficult due to the situation in Israel.
“The Government immediately convened a meeting and provided funds to the Service for general and common affairs to provide an immediate charter flight. But due to security it was difficult to provide such a flight to Tel Aviv, and Air-Serbia found itself as the airline that agreed to enter into a contract with the Government. The Service for general and common affairs covered the costs of all citizens, so citizens were not forced to pay,” Osmani said.

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