Economic Chamber: Companies should use mediation in business disputes to avoid lengthy litigation


The Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, along with the International Financial Corporation IFC – a group of the World Bank and the National Council for Mediation – Government body, were today the organizers of the second regional conference on the topic: “Together towards a greater affirmation of mediation in the RNM, in order to use all its potential benefits”.

It was said that, of the total number of mediation procedures, that is, of 4,578 procedures, 50.5% ended with an agreement. Of the total number of mediations, 43.5% are commercial disputes, 4.5% are insurance disputes, while 45% are labor disputes.

At the conference, representatives of the business sector, state institutions, chambers of commerce from the region, local government, lawyers and judges emphasized all the advantages of mediation, which as an alternative tool tends to increase in commercial disputes.

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