Dutch Ambassador Kop: There’s no real political will for changes in the country


Ambassador of The Netherlands to Skopje, Dirk Jan Kop, said Thursday there was no political will for change in the country, not only in politics but also among religious communities, “which block change and the Istanbul Convention”.
“All other countries have managed to make the required changes and join the EU in a period of 10-15 years. What are you doing besides pilling up excuses to meet the membership requirements? Why didn’t you finish the reforms 15 years ago as these countries? I hear that the European Union is to blame, that membership is a joint responsibility and that we have left you waiting for too long. After decades of enormous support, where have our taxpayers’ money gone? After all these years, there is a strategy for everything, two action plans for everything, everyone’s awareness has tripled and everyone has been trained four times. And yet, everything is stuck because of lack of implementation, corruption and nepotism. In simple words, there is no real political will for change, not only in politics but also among religious communities, which block change and block the Istanbul Convention. Politicians are silent and want to take photos with priests and imams. And what is the message you send to us: we want your money but not your values,” Ambassador Kop told the second regional expert meeting on Cluster 1: Fundamentals within project “Let Justice Rule the Region”.

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