Young people leave because of corruption, relationships and poor quality of life


He grew up and was educated in the country. But that was not enough to continue living here. In her twenties, Dorina Ajdini decided to move to live and work in Germany. She has already received permanent residence papers after finding a prestigious job there. Dorina is packing her bags for a one-way ticket, stressing that the main reasons for leaving are not only wages, but also quality of life, TV Alsat reports.

“It’s not just about the financial situation anymore, young people don’t leave just because of wages like they did before. Now they are leaving for the way of life, for the quality of life offered by foreign countries. This is the reason why I am leaving North Macedonia,” says Dorina.

The young people state that one of the main reasons why they leave is the high level of corruption and because everything that citizens are legally entitled to, should either be intervened with friendly relations or paid for. Experts have an explanation. Citing the reasons for the mass departure of young people, Branimir Jovanovikj, who himself works abroad, said that the numbers of qualified personnel, for whom the state spends resources on their education, and who are preparing for the foreign labor market, are worrying.

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