Two Negotino girls win gold medals at the international kickboxing cup in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Two gold medals were won by young girls from Negotino at the international kickboxing cup held yesterday in Bosnia and Herzegovina, KBC “Gladiator” from Negotino informed Sunday.

“In Teshanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the renowned international kickboxing cup WAKO Balkan Open 2023 was held, where our girls from KBC “Gladiator” – Negotino, Jadranka Temelkova and Marija Janeva, took part, and brought back with two gold medals. Jadranka, as a younger junior in the KL -55 kg discipline, defeated the Croatian 3-0 in the semi-finals and qualified for the final, where she won again with 3-0 and was decorated with gold. Maria, as a senior in CL-60 kg, defeated the Bosnian competitor in the final and won the gold with a score of 3-0,” informed the kickboxing club.

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