Macedonia is disappearing because of this disastrous government, fewer children are being born, more and more young people are emigrating, says VMRO-DPMNE


The figures for emigration that we hear give the sad and terrible picture of the disappearance of Macedonia. We are becoming a country without a people, a territory without a population, and there is no country without people, no schools without students, no economy without people and nothing if there are no children. In the past 6-7 years, we are running out of children, young people,  we are running out of children’s laughter, said the member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Vlatko Gjorchev at the debate in Pehchevo called “Emigration and demography a challenge for Macedonia” within the framework of the “It is important! Changes depend on you” campaign.

Gjorchev stressed that the reasons were numerous, but Macedonia had never had a more disastrous government. This government led by Zaev, Kovachevski and Pendarovski is literally destroying Macedonia.

“We are a country that has always had emigration, there was labor, migration, people who went from smaller places to Belgrade, Germany, overseas countries, but there has never been such a cataclysm. Before life came, as Zaev said, in 2016 we had 23,000 babies, and last year there were historically at least 18,027,” Gjorchev pointed out.

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