Macedonian tobacco is in demand in the world, but there is no one to produce it


On the threshold of another tobacco buying season, it is crucial for producers at which price “the scales will weigh”. They and the purchasing companies (there are about 10 in the country) are in an eternal struggle for purchasing prices, especially now, in a situation of inflation, expensive production costs and expensive labor.

In such current situations, the question arises: How profitable is Macedonian tobacco production, which also brings foreign currency inflow, which, according to the data, amounts to 100 million euros.

Two main problems for the profitability of the Macedonian tobacco production are pointed out, namely the purchase price, which must follow the expensive costs of production and inflation and the change in the demographic structure due to emigration. In other words – to pay and have someone to produce. It can bring stagnation of production in our country.


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