Government to procure materials for degreasing the boilers in TPP Bitola through an office supplies company


DUI and SDS, through ESM, a subsidiary of TPP Bitola, procures additives, which should reduce oiliness, in boilers from a company registered for retail trade in newspapers and stationery, through a tender worth 4.2 million euros. Last year, the same company had a total turnover of less than 350,000 euros, and in just one year it managed to win a state tender, which exceeded its last year’s income by 12 times, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Saturday.
The company was registered in 2017 and has no contact point, with energy and degreasing additives, and it is also doubtful that only this company was reported on the advertisement, although there are many companies in our country and in the region, which for years are on the market.

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