MoI: We have 3 helicopters and trained firefighting staff, soon we will have a helicopter equipped with medical supplies for transporting the injured and frail


The Macedonian Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, in an interview with MIA on the subject of the equipment and readiness of the staff of the Ministry of Interior, explained hat in the past the Department of Aviation Units within the Ministry of Interior did not have the opportunity to participate or help in extinguishing fires because it did not have the equipment.
“We now have equipment for three helicopters, with trained personnel, which participate and which this year made the greatest contribution to extinguishing the fires. It is also equipment that was purchased with personal funds. Here I am announcing now that in a very short time we will receive the equipment through the donation agreement that we made in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Slovenia and for the first time a helicopter will be equipped with medical equipment for the transport of injured and sick people, which has not been possible until now. So, these are the facts,” said Spasovski.

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