Due to the bad policies of the Government and Nikolovski, Macedonia became an import-dependent country, says Tripunovski


There is no branch of agriculture that is not on its knees, the Macedonian agricultural production is not decimated, that is, Macedonia has become completely dependent on imports for food. This means that livestock farmers and farmers and gardeners and rice growers simply every branch in the Republic of Macedonia must seek salvation in protests because the government, the ministry, the minister – the one who was supposed to be the father of the farmers do not listen to their problems, that is, they do not have a solution like the farmers to have a decent life, said Cvetan Tripunovski, chair of the VMRO-DPMNE Agriculture Committee.
“In the previous 2013-2014 in Macedonia, there were over 100,000 registered farmers in the register, today we have less than 60,000,” added the opposition official.

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