No valid argument why parliamentary and presidential elections should be held separately, says analyst


Parliamentary and presidential elections should be held jointly, that is, there should be parliamentary elections with the second round of presidential elections. This will ensure a census, the economy will not be stalled for more than six months, money will be saved and there will be no constitutional and political crisis, said political analyst Vladimir Bozhinovski in an interview with Alfa TV.
“The citizens, two-thirds, or about 66%, demand joint elections, and only 15% demand that they not be joint, even SDSM sympathizers and members demand that the elections be held jointly. Both DUI and Alliance for Albanians and VMRO-DPMNE, all of them want the elections to be joint, only Kovachevski’s is in favor of separating them. Apart from remaining prime minister for another month, there is nothing else, I don’t see any argument why they should be held separately,” Bozhinovski said.

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