City of Skopje hands the “November 13” award to several deserving individuals


The City of Skopje awards the “November 13” award again this year to individuals and legal entities whose goal is to promote constant values in science, art, health, culture, education and sports.
The winner of the award from the field of journalism is academician Vlada Urošević, from the field of education and upbringing prof. Dr. Bona Bajraktarova and Prof. Dr. Sonja Zdravkova-Dzeparoska, from the field of culture Blagoj Chorevski, from the field of science prof. Dr. Elka Jacheva-Ulchar and from the field of art Gjorgi Cuckovski. This year’s winners of this prestigious award are prof. Dr. Biljana Kuzmanovska and Dr. Irfan Ahmeti from the field of health care, from the field of humanitarian activity DNA musical duo Andreja Gjorgjieski – Andrej, Vladimir Blazev – Pancho and Elena Bozhinovska, from the field of sociology Ali Pajaziti and from the field of sports Atanas Kostovski and the “Nikola Karev” secondary school in Skopje.
The award, which honors a series of important individuals in several areas, distinguished residents and organizations, builders of culture and the overall public life of our capital, has been awarded since 1955 on the occasion of November 13 – the day of the liberation of Skopje in the Second World War.

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