Escobar: Bulgaria will not set any new conditions for N. Macedonia


Bulgaria will not set any new conditions for North Macedonia’s full integration into the European Union, according to Gabriel Escobar, US Department of State Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs and Special Representative to the Western Balkans, in a recent interview with Voice of America in Macedonian.

In the phone call with VOA in Macedonian, Escobar said Bulgarian diplomats had assured him they had no intention of adding any more conditions for North Macedonia on its way to the EU because Bulgaria wanted to see the region moving forward on the European path.

“They would like to see progress,” Escobar said, adding that the US wants to make sure they can work with all parties in meeting the required conditions for North Macedonia to move forward in the accession process.

In response to VOA’s question if there would be no new veto if the other conditions were met, Escobar said, “That’s how I interpreted it.”



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