We have European prices, while our standard is worse than some African countries, says Mickoski


The Minister of Economy has either not entered the markets for a long time or he does not know what is happening. The worst thing is when politicians say what the citizens do not feel. Unfortunately, the Minister of Economy is doing the same, maybe he has lost the ground beneath his feet, as well as the whole government led by DUI and SDSM, they have long forgotten what hardships the citizens face on a daily basis, today, unfortunately, in the markets we have food that has European prices, but unfortunately our standard is worse than some African countries, said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski on Monday.

“Therefore, the good news is, I reiterate, that in a few months these people will be a thing of the past. In their place will come people who will take care of the future of Macedonia,” stressed Mickoski during his visit to the municipality of Radovish on Monday, as part of the “It’s important! Changes depend on you” campaign.

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