Pensioners demand linear increase of pensions at Skopje protest, no response from the Government


Pensioners from across the country staged a protest Tuesday in Skopje which began in front of the Embassy of the United States and finished in front of the government building. Once again they reiterated their demands for a linear increase of pensions and other measures for the improvement of their living standard. They say that after three months of protesting in all the cities of the country, as well as in Skopje, they have not received any results or information from the Government.
We pensioners are not socialists, get over the word game, look at the real picture of life, NOT by 5.3 percent, only a linear increase of all pensions, reads some of the messages on the banners at the protest.
The head of the Pensioners’ Initiative Board, Dragan Ugrinovski emphasized that their four basic demands are a 5,000 MKD linear increase in pensions, that the minimum pension amount to MKD 18,000, that the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance be changed and that women over 62 years of age and men older than 64 to have free treatment, i.e. not to pay a co-payment.

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