The map of Greater Albania is 145 years late and is irrelevant, says Kovachevski


The map of the so-called Greater Albania is at least 145 years late and irrelevant. After joining NATO, the map of NATO member countries and of united Europe are relevant for our country with the start of negotiations with the EU, said Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski in connection with the opening last weekend of the UCHK(NLA) Museum in Sopot near Kumanovo, which also has a map of Greater Albania on display.
“What is characteristic of this case, from what I have as information, is that it is a private property, where the event took place, and it is certainly subject to certain legal decisions, because if it is a public property, the municipality would have to give approval, but it had no information about it.
What we have today as a society does not make such maps relevant at all, because after 2001, after joining NATO, we in our country have other maps that are relevant, and that is the map of the countries that are members of NATO and with the beginning at the negotiations with the EU, the map that we will have, and hopefully all other countries from the Western Balkans, is the map of a united Europe. And that is the only thing that should unite the entire Balkans. Everything else is, I say once again, 145 years too late,” PM Kovachevski said.

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