October consumer basket up by 3.5% on annual basis, up by 1.5% compared to September


A family of four in the country needed MKD 46.198 to cover the minimal consumer basket in October, said the Federation of Trade Union (SSM) on Tuesday.
The cost of living in October 2023, compared to the same month last year, increased by 3.5%, and retail prices by 3.4%. Compared to September of this year, the cost of living went down by 1.5%, and retail prices by 0.6%,
A decrease in the indices of the cost of living in October 2023, compared to the previous month, was observed for milk by 10.1%, eggs by 9.0%, fresh and chilled vegetables, except potatoes and other root fruits by 8.6%, mineral water, carbonated beverages, fruit and vegetable juices by 6.4%, fresh and chilled fruit by 5.2%, beer by 4.3%, cheese and cottage cheese by 4.1%, meat by 3.4%, bread and cereals by 3.3% and oil and fats by 0.9%.

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