The EC report is the worst report that Macedonia has had so far, there’s no sign of the government representatives, says Andonovski


VMRO-DPMNE’s secretary for international cooperation Stefan Andonovski spoke about the report of the EC in an interview with Radio Leader and emphasized that this report showed the stagnation of the country, that is, that there is no progress in any area of the state.

“The title of this report first reads “progress report”, that is, it means a report on the progress of the state, I called it a report on the stagnation of the state because there is no progress in almost any important area that is important to the citizens and the EU, as well. The report is not something that is open to interpretation, the grades are given on five levels, from no progress to excellent progress, and the grades are literally like 1 to 5 in elementary school, and here the average grade is 1.5,” Andonovski said.

During the interview, Andonovski pointed out that the report of the EC showed that we as a country have no progress at all in the fight against corruption and the judiciary.

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