Marija Janichevska proposed as director of OTA


The Commission on Elections and Appointments has proposed Marija Janichevska as director of the Operational-Technical Agency Skopje (OTA). The members of the Commission unanimously made the decision for Janichevska to be the director of OTA.

The proposal was explained by the president of the Commission, Marija Georgievska, who said that Janichevska was born in 1978 in Skopje, that she was a state adviser for general affairs in OTA, as well as other details from her biography.

Georgievska informs that 21 people applied for this position.

Nikolche Krstevski and Elida Shuki have been proposed as members of the Commission for decision-making on appeals for public procurement. Kiril Karanfilov has been proposed for re-election as president of this Commission.

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