Solidarity tax collected from 130 companies, 26 have not yet fulfilled their duties


As of November MKD 8, 2.3 billion have been collected from 130 companies based on the solidarity tax. This obligation has 156 companies, including one public company, with a total amount of three billion, MKD 29 million. Twenty-six companies have not yet settled the obligation and owe a total of MKD 726.6 million, despite the deadline given to them by the Public Revenue Office (PRO).

The largest amount, MKD 257.3 million, was paid by a Skopje company with steel casting activity, which for 2022 had a total income of MKD 11.3 billion.

PRO director Sanja Lukarevska announced at a press briefing Thursday that almost half of the companies that did not fulfill their obligation are from Skopje (12), and the rest are from Negotino, Strumica, Gevgelija, Delchevo, Bitola, Prilep, Chucher Sandevo, Gostivar, Slupchane, Zhelino, Ohrid.

The activities of the companies that owe are different – two companies are from the gambling and betting business, two for the construction of residential and non-residential buildings, two companies with the activity of trade in wood, construction materials and sanitation, then wholesale trade in chemical products, etc.

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