Government proved that the EU Front is fake, says opposition


There is a reason why the Government does not organize pompous celebrations, musical events, long press conferences and panel discussions at which it brags about the successes in its European integration. The Government has publicly shown that the EU Front is a fake front, said VMRO-DPMNE Secretary for International Cooperation Stefan Andonovski on Friday.

“It is obvious that in the EU integration, corruption and the dysfunctional system became a bigger problem than the bilateral problems that Macedonia has. The Government is personally responsible for the bad evaluation. SDSM and DUI are the ones who promised reform of the public administration and new laws five years ago and have not implemented them to this day. Even today, the public administration is more partisan, cronyized, full of nepotism, party-elected members for employees. Even today, the public administration has no new laws for senior management, no laws for the management of the public administration, no desire for reforms in the public administration at all,” said Andonovski.

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