Will Taravaribe the first Albanian Prime Minister?


The news that ArbenTaravari will be the first Albanian Prime Minister is fake, his party claims after the information that the leader of the Alliance for Albanians and mayor of Gostivar was offered to be the caretaker prime minister 100 days before the next elections.

“Political rumors have no importance like all other speculations, but some of them are more sensitive, such as the example that I was offered to be prime minister. This news is not true,” Taravari told TV21.

The information was published by several media in the Albanian language without specifying the source of the news. In the information, it is said that DUI proposed to Alliance to take over the position of prime minister, in exchange for Alliance to be part of the so-called common list. Recently, Taravari and the former head of the party, ZijadinSela, stressed that the Alliance for Albanians will represent itself on the elections independently.

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