The EC’s assessment is that we are going backwards, we will either take a step towards the right path or we will continue to sink


The assessment of the European Commission is that we are going backwards, this is now an alarm with all the red lights. Either we will refuse from the bottom to step on the right path or we will continue to sink, said the deputy head of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC), Biljana Ivanovska.
She pointed out that the SCPC opened several cases for several incidents, they had several analyzes with recommendations to appropriate institutions, but not even a third of them were implemented.
Ivanovska pointed out that the strongest risk of corruption is political influence, when the right people are not in the right place, then there are situations like this and added that in all past reports in recent years, the EC recommends respecting the recommendations of the SCPC.
She also referred to the judiciary, where she pointed out that judges complain about pressure and political influence, as well as the fact that impunity is a major issue in Macedonia.


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