Grkovska: No one has the right to prohibit or limit the freedom of the media and the freedom of expression


Freedom of expression, public interest and free media are top priorities for a society. They must not be threatened or hindered in any way, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Good Governance Policies Slavica Grkovska said in a Facebook post in connection with the court decision on the Feroinvest vs. IRL case.

“I am completely opposed to the scandalous attempts to discredit the right of journalists to write, raise alarm, criticize and express doubts. The journalistic profession must be independent, free, self-regulated by authoritative media bodies and organizations, in accordance with legal regulations and journalistic standards. No one has the right, neither the judiciary, nor other state institutions to prohibit or limit the freedom of the media and freedom of expression, which are guaranteed by the Constitution,” reads Grkovska’s post.

Judge Jovanka Spirovska Paneva found IRL guilty for defamation and insult in the Feroinvest vs. IRL case for the documentary film “Conspiracy against Air”. The ruling states that IRL is not a media outlet and may face a ban from operating.


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