How did the Government give the Greeks a hydropower plant and a profit of EUR 100 million?


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, in the interview with , unveiled a new scandal of the authorities for the construction of the Chebren hydropower plant. According to the opposition leader, the decisions were changed several times and this is now the reason for the Greek investor to complain about the way the procurement was carried out.

“That this is so, and that the decision to give HPP Tikvesh three months after the construction of HPP Chebren or a few months after the start of works, which is a difference of 100 million euros of electricity that will be produced by Tikvesh in those 6 years has been changed several times,” said Mickoski, reports.

“In the Official Gazette issued on January 17, 2020, the decision to start the procedure for granting a concession for the construction of the Chebren project was published. The procedure and conditions that were adopted by the Government when Zoran Zaev was Prime Minister at a session held on December 24, 2019 have been defined. Article 5 of this decision to initiate the procedure defines the obligations assumed by the state and states: The state will cede the Tikvesh hydropower plant operating on Crna Reka to the company that will receive this procurement, three months after the start date of the the construction of the Chebren hydropower plant. So you start building and three months later you get Tikvesh,” Mickoski said.

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