Spasovski: Over one million travel documents, 900,000 ID cards and 480,000 driver’s licenses have been replaced so far


About 1,050,000 travel documents, 900,000 identity cards and 480,000 driver’s licenses have been replaced at the state level, the Macedonian Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski announced on Wednesday, who with the leadership of the Ministry of Interior visited the “Prolet” police station where the citizens can change their personal documents without prior appointment.

Spasovski informed that 10 new workstations have been installed, where citizens will be able to take pictures of documents. The reason for the opening of the checkpoint, as indicated in a statement to the media, is the size of the population in Skopje and the fact that citizens do not show up for about 70 percent of the scheduled appointments, and at the same time reschedule new appointments.

The system has been tested, says Spasovski, and allows about 1000 people to go through the procedure in one working day. The working hours of the punk are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the possibility of extension until 8 p.m.


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