Osmani tells Dutch ambassador: The fault for the situation in the country is ours but also yours


The Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, reprimanded the Dutch ambassador in the country for criticizing the situation in the judiciary and the failure to implement reforms and accused him that they, as representatives of the Union, are also to blame for the bad situation in Macedonia.
“I partially disagree with the ambassador, because the situation is not black and white. The situation is somewhat gray. In 2019, it was not our fault that we were blocked so that we did not have a decision for negotiations. It was not our fault in any way in 2019, and beyond, and even before. So yes, we share the blame here. And to the European Union, which allows, through a unanimous system, member states to abuse the right to vote and block the process, as is now happening in the relationship between Greece and Albania,” said Osmani in an interview with the “360 Degrees” political show.

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