Petrushevski files a petition against Judge Memeti who found him guilty for the position expressed at a Parliament session


In the name of freedom of speech and protection of critical thought, today I submitted a petition to the Republic Judicial Council against judgeNexhatMemeti from the Kumanovo Basic Court.

NexhatMemeti unconstitutionally, against the law and against the judgments that are in practice both in the Republic of Macedonia and in the European Court of Human Rights condemned a Member of Parliament for an opinion publicly expressed from the Parliament rostrum.

“The context in which we live today makes this step of mine very necessary. Today, in addition to the fact that the immunity of an opposition member of parliament is not respected, we are witnessing the condemnation of journalists for critical thought. We are witnessing a serious report with serious criticism from the EC precisely in the area of ​​the judiciary, and we are witnessing daily verdicts that arrive from the European Court of Human Rights for illegal behavior of the Macedonian courts,” said Petrushevski.

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