Lines of citizens pay huge sums for passports and ID cards that the MoI does not have the capacity to make and distribute within the legal term, says opposition


Lines of citizens pay expensive prices for passports and ID cards containing the new name of the country “North Macedonia” which the Ministry of Interior (MoI) does not have the capacity to make and distribute within the legal term. The bad and disastrous management of the Ministry of Interior, once again falls on the backs of the citizens, says Nakje Chulev from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE.

“The inscription “North” and the change of valid personal documents for that purpose, not only causes additional high costs, but it also causes serious revolt, harassment and nervousness, and leaves serious room for corruption. Oliver Spasovski’s dysfunctional ideas, instead of providing normal and decent conditions, they create chaos, citizens are forced to suffer through crowds and on cold and rainy weather to wait for hours in line to get an identity document,” Chulev pointed out.


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