Bytyqi: Macedonia is the only one in the region and in Europe with a drop in food prices by 4.36%


According to the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi, the Government’s timely measures, such as the freezing of trade margins in trade, the reduction of the VAT rate from 10% to 5% for basic food products, the subsidization of electricity for food producers, as well as the freezing of prices of the basic products in the markets that have a “guaranteed price”, gave real results.

“Because of all this, in October we had a drop in inflation to 3.5%, from the record 19.8 in October last year. And today the reputable site notes that North Macedonia is unique in the region and Europe with a drop in food prices of 4.36%,” said Bytyqi.

For comparison, in the immediate environment and the region, Serbia recorded an increase in food prices of 10.5%, Albania 7.8%, Bulgaria 7.6%, Greece 9.93%, Kosovo 3.9%, Montenegro 3, 8%, Croatia 8.7%, Romania 8.66%, Bosnia and Herzegovina 6.24%, Turkey 71.99%, Slovenia 7.32%.

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