Journalists’ unions stage protest: Greater vigilance in lawsuits against media workers, freelance journalists are the core of research


“Our work is for the public, not in front of our colleagues”, “Journalism under attack, we stand united”, “Modular judiciary”, “Censors in the name of the powerful” and “Convicted for the truth” are some of the slogans with which on Thursday journalists held a protest in front of the Civil Court in Skopje due to the verdict brought against the Investigative Reporting Lab (IRL). The protest is organized by the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) and the Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers.

AJM member Biljana Nasteska Kalanoska said at the protest that they will send a request to the judges from the civil and appellate courts for greater understanding and seriousness, vigilance in proceedings and lawsuits against journalists and media workers in the country.

“We demand with great seriousness that the decisions of the Council for Ethics in the Media of Macedonia, as well as the decisions of the Council of Honor in the direction of the credibility and integrity of journalists and media workers in the country, be taken into account,” Nasteska Kalanoska added.

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