Macedonia and Serbia sign Memorandum on Nish – Skopje high-speed rail


Macedonia and Serbia signed Friday a Memorandum of Cooperation for the establishment of a high-speed railway network as part of railway Corridor X.

The Memorandum was signed in the Government of the Republic of Serbia by the Minister of Transport and Communications of N. Macedonia, Blagoj Bochvarski, and the Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, in the presence of Prime Ministers Dimitar Kovachevski and Ana Brnabić.

A working group is expected to be established in the coming period in order to define an action plan for the project. The first stage of the project foresees the construction of 50 kilometers of rail on Macedonian territory, while the intention is to fully construct railway Corridor X, i.e., to connect it to Thessaloniki and Athens. The speed of the rail is expected to be at least 160 kilometers per hour, but talks are being held to increase this speed.

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