No funds for higher salaries for officials in the 2024 Budget, says Besimi


In the 2024 Draft Budget funds are projected for the payment of higher salaries for employees in the public administration, for the payment of higher pensions in accordance with the established system solution, but there will be no higher salaries for officials, said the Macedonian Minister of Finance FatmirBesimi in an interview with the MRT News.

“With the General Collective Agreement signed in September of this year, the salaries of all employees in the public sector have been increased by 10%, and funds have been provided in the Proposed Budget for 2024. Also payment of K-15, which this year is in the amount of MKD 10,000 the next one will be 30% of the average net salary. What is not planned in the draft budget are funds for the increase in the salaries of the officials,” said  MinisterBesimi, and pointed out that an additional 160 million euros have been provided for the payment of the increased salaries.

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