PPO slows down the Oncology scandal to throw everyone in healthcare in the mud and save those truly responsible, accuses opposition


The Public Prosecutor’s Office is trying to slow down investigation of the Oncology scandal. After two months, there is no reaction, no information, no investigation is opened, let alone charges, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Saturday.

“The public and the media, as well as the investigative committee in the Parliament, have come to light with gruesome data that an artificial shortage of drugs was created at the Oncology Clinic, that expensive therapy was procured wholesale from the Government’s favorite wholesaler, that the drugs were delivered without a protocol and without records, that part of the therapy ended up on the black market, that no software was used, that patients were not properly treated, there were no appointments and dozens of other frightening data,” the largest opposition party pointed out.

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