SDS-led government is a ruble government, Daka Davidovikj on the U.S. blacklist confirmed that, says opposition


The blacklisting of the controversial Montenegrin businessman Miodrag Daka Davidovikj confirmed all the allegations of VMRO-DPMNE a few years ago about his involvement in corruption scandals in Macedonia and close cooperation with the SDS and DUI authorities. They enabled Davidovikj to build quite a city in Tetovo, first by buying the property of SHik Jelak, and then by bringing a scandalous DUP, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Sunday.

“In the report, the names of Zoran Zaev and Dragi Rashkovski (Zaev’s lieutenant) are noted, who is even indicated that, among other things, he was prosecuted for taking money from Daka Davidovikj. Does this mean that the SDS and Zaev government was a ruble government? Did the black rubles end up in SDS or in the private pockets of government officials, the largest opposition party stressed.


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